Instagram Marketing

Instagram has captured the world of social media since its inception in 2010. A high-engagement social media platform that connects through visual elements. Studies have shown that 60% of people who use Instagram say the platform is where they have discovered new products. This makes it a hugely attractive platform to target the audience for branding. It is an influential way to capture and retain the attention of audience.

The Best Visual Identity for your Brand


Instagram is currently the most popular-growing social media platform, offering businesses with tremendous advertising benefits. Ultimate Portal has an exclusive experienced squad for Instagram marketing to reach out new audiences through marketing campaign strategies, influencers or by making shoppable accounts. We work smart to generate leads by engaging target audience to purchase from the same brand on a continuous basis.

Marketing Strategy

Develop solid strategies from scratch to establish the brand as a leader in the same industry. Ultimate Portal pursues an audience engagement strategy by developing more authentic Instagram pictures to develop trust among customers. Also, our marketing techniques incorporate the planning of freshest insight into evolving use of Instagram and reach out the online consumer in their context.


Instagram advertisement team develops engaging content to get the target audience where you want them to be. The team boost paid ads along with the use of researched hashtags on each post regularly to increase branding. Furthermore, we have connects with influencers for advertising effectively to generate leads and promotion of social conversion.

Identify Target Audience

The team finds out the target audience by driving a campaign that explains profiles and consumer needs. Also, Ultimate Portal has strategic plans to identify the similar businesses and recognize their target audiences to convert the traffic.


By using broad range of tools, such as Instagram insights, the marketing team focuses to catch attention, discover the likes and dislikes, activities, evaluation of conversations and experiences, and by using this data, produces detailed reports to improve future marketing strategies and campaigns. We use this review every week or month to generate detailed reports to the clients.