Facebook Advertising

Advertisements on Facebook are one of the most efficient ways get leads online. More than 2.3 billion active users use this eminent social media platform, with spending a couple of hours each week. Businesses who effectively utilize Facebook ads can expand their business exponentially in a stable and significant manner. Ultimate Portal Facebook advertising team takes care of clients to reach and sell directly to the target audience.


Develop and Optimize Ads

The team designs the overall structure of the ads. After approval, build successful advertisements and keep improving for optimum results. Additionally, the team also checks ad variants to distinguish the highest oerforming ads.Reporting and improving paid social ads

Monitoring and Analyzing

Ultimate Portal's Digital team handles and monitors Facebook ads on a regular basis by keeping in mind the ad budget. Our experts analyze the results data and make adjustments to the campaign in order to boost performance over time. Ultimate portal manages and tweaks the ad parameters for each campaign, monitoring engagement and interaction from customer base


Ultimate Portal presents a detailed report each month to highlight the overall performance of Facebook ad campaign. Also, for the measurement of performance, the team has tools to find out the actual number of leads the website has got in a particular time period.